Controversial corona test company Q-Comed on the bottle

Q-Comed is one of the many commercial companies that sprung up in 2020 to conduct corona tests. The company also used the name Corona Testservice and was active, among other things, from premises at Schiphol and Badhoevedorp.

Deficient care

The corona tester has already been discredited as a result of inadequate care. For example, the hygienic conditions would not be in order, and no qualified doctor would be involved in the testing.

Following a wave of worrying reports, the Health Care Inspectorate conducted an investigation at the end of 2020.

On that basis, Q-Comed was urged to improve its service. When there appeared to be insufficient improvement, the company had to stop offering corona tests last spring.

dismissal case

In August, the healthcare company was again in negative news, as a result of a remarkable dismissal case.

Q-Comed had kicked out a branch manager for not coming to work for a day with permission. The man had taken time off because his house had burned down, and he had to visit a new home. Due to unfair dismissal, the company had to pay the manager of the judge more than 11,000 euros.


Now it appears that Q-Comed has not mastered the problems. According to a report in the Central Insolvency Register, the company was declared bankrupt the day before yesterday.

The bankruptcy trustee Martijn Schüller has to settle the bankruptcy and represent the interests of the creditors.

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