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Cookbook tested: Fast and delicious (+ recipe for chicory with kohlrabi) | Lifestyle

In front of me is a nice, thick book with 450 recipes, classics but also stuff that requires you to go to the hobby shop. Apples with calvados are baked in clay, and they also like roasting on hay.

Not obvious at first glance, but with obvious dishes, no one has yet made it to the top 10 of best vegetable restaurants in the world, I suspect. A list containing the Belgian chef Seppe Nobels with his restaurant Graanmarkt 13 and that is the basis for this cookbook.

We focus on a vegetarian version of a classic: chicory with kohlrabi. That turns out to be an easy and fast recipe; no more than make cheese sauce and stew chicory. My mind tells me, for the purpose of rolling, to cut the kohlrabi horizontally, my narrow mandolin says vertically. If the first still looks like a lasagna, then the second is already rolling successfully.

Our dinner is on the table 20 minutes before dinnertime – I was a little surprised that it no longer had to go in the oven. The asterisk next to the garlic chips unfortunately refers to nothing, but the publisher still gives the recipe: cut the garlic into fine slices, soak for 10 minutes in milk, fry at 170 ° C golden brown in peanut oil, drain and sprinkle with salt.

The oldest son would eat it with everything. Chicory and cheese sauce are good anyway and the kohlrabi brings some fresh bite. Because it remains raw and has no cheese crust on it, this is a quick (and vegetarian) alternative to the classic.

Tasty, but with less comfort food content.

Recipe: Chicory with kohlrabi and cheese sauce

Ingredients 60 g butter

60 g flour

liter of milk

pepper and salt

120 g Gruyere, ground

2 kohlrabis

8 heads of chicory


2 tbsp garlic chips

a few branches of fresh thyme, roughly chopped.


Melt 40 g butter in a saucepan and stir in the flour.

Bake until you smell the scent of freshly baked cookies.

Pour in the milk while stirring and stir with a whisk to a smooth sauce.

Season with salt and pepper.

From the heat, stir in the Gruyère.

Cut the kohlrabi into very thin slices.

Clean the chicory and stew in 20 g butter.

Season with nutmeg, freshly ground pepper and salt. Place baking paper on the chicory and put a plate or lid on it.

Let it simmer for 15 minutes, turning every now and then.

Remove lid and allow moisture to evaporate.

Wrap the kohlrabi around the stumps and place in a baking dish.

Pour over the cheese sauce and finish with garlic chips, thyme and ground pepper.

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