Copper thieves destroy charging stations for electric cars

Copper thieves have discovered charging stations for electric cars as targets. In doing so, they cause great damage.

Copper thieves have a new target for their loot: electric car charging stations. The Handelsblatt reports. A current example of this is Hannover-List, where charging stations for 90 electric cars are currently being built. There, around May 17, 2022, the thieves stole around 150 meters of copper-containing cable.

The cables distribute the electricity from the medium-voltage station to the charging stations. Charging parks with several charging stations need a lot of copper: “For a charging park that can supply an average of six to eight electric cars with electricity, more than five tons of copper are needed for the cable routes,” writes the Handelsblatt.

The damage caused to the operators of the charging stations consists not only of the stolen copper, but also of the damage caused when the cables are cut: this is usually a lower four-digit amount per cable. Not only do the damaged or destroyed cables have to be replaced, but the charging station also has to be recalibrated. In addition, the charging station fails for some time.

The total damage dealt far exceeds the value of the stolen copper. All of this could lead to operators having to resort to expensive security measures during and after construction. All charging stations will probably have to be monitored with video cameras in the future. But the use of security services should also be considered.

Copper thieves are also increasingly attacking charging stations abroad. Tesla charging stations are a popular victim.

Incidentally, copper cables do not generate as much revenue when sold as pure copper. But for the thieves, the theft seems to pay off after all.

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