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Copyright Case Against M. Night Shyamalan Off the Track | Entertainment

Francesca Gregorini, the writer and director of The Truth About Emanuel, filed court papers in January Shyamalan and sue Apple. According to her, they not only stole the story from her film, but also ruined it in Servant can only be told from a male perspective.

The film and television series are both about a grieving mother who cares for a doll as if it were her real child, but a judge ruled on Thursday that only that fact is no reason for a lawsuit. “In addition to that common fact, which cannot be claimed, the storylines quickly and drastically diverge,” he wrote in a judgment.

Gregorini leaves in a response Variety know: “The statement is disappointing, but no surprise. In the entertainment industry, power has always belonged to powerful men and institutions. Their ultimate goal is to silence anyone whose work they steal. ”


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