Core i9-13900K: Up to 5.5 GHz turbo clock possible

With an engineering sample of the Core i9-13900K from Intel, a single-core clock of 5.5 GHz should be possible.

With the Core i9-13900K, Intel is planning a new CPU flagship based on the Raptor Lake architecture. The manufacturer uses so-called engineering samples to test the performance and stability of new processors. Exactly such a pattern has now been sold on the Chinese black market. At least that’s what one user in the Chiphell forum claims. According to community member Lordzzz, the Core i9-13900K sample he acquired is a relatively old model with some limitations. This includes a limited overclocking capability.

Up to 5.5 GHz possible on one core

Nevertheless, the user was able to achieve 611 (single thread) or 13,015 points (multithread) in CPU-Z with the sample of the Core i9-13900K. The clock should have been up to 4.5 GHz. This results in a maximum TDP of 125 watts. Another engineering sample called Q1HM, on the other hand, is said to allow up to 5.5 GHz in single-core operation and 5.3 GHz in multi-core operation and thus achieve over 15,000 points. The Core i9-13900K would thus draw level with the already available Core i9-12900KS, which also supports up to 5.5 GHz.

Raptor Lake scheduled for October 2022

Intel’s Raptor Lake processors are scheduled to go on sale in October 2022. Since Intel is still sticking to the LGA1700 socket, the new CPUs can also be used in existing boards after a BIOS update. This makes it possible for users to do their first experiments with early versions of the CPU. However, the authenticity of the values ​​mentioned cannot be confirmed at this time. In addition, these are still early test models that do not yet contain all functions and do not run as stable.

Raptor Lake: Benchmarks for Intel’s Core i9-13900

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