Corona Aid: EU Parliament President Appeals to “Economical Four”

David Sassoli warns Austria and its allies against a Europe of different speeds.

EU Parliament President David Sassoli has appealed to the sense of responsibility of the so-called “economical four” in connection with the planned European corona building aids. “The ‘frugal four’ need to be aware of the seriousness of the challenges ahead,” said Sassoli on Monday in a broadcast.

“Now is not the time for rigid thinking, but for reconstruction, otherwise we will be one in the end Europe that moves at different speeds, “warned the Italian Social Democrat.

“I appeal to their sense of responsibility,” emphasized Sassoli on the proposals of the Austrian, Danish, Dutch and Swedish governments. “There are no frugal countries and countries that are willing to spend. Rather, there are countries that are aware of the seriousness of the challenges ahead and those that are not. So I ask everyone to do justice to this historic moment.”

EU reconstruction plan

The four net payers Austria, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden are against an EU reconstruction plan consisting of grants to the EU countries particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The four states struck instead at the weekend Emergency loans that would be limited to two years and repayable.

The EU Parliament President further emphasized in his opinion that everyone benefited from the EU internal market. Above all, the countries that “raised objections” were among those who would have benefited the most. “I hope everyone appreciates that.”


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