Corona: Biden agrees US citizens with “dark winter”

Before his speech, Biden and his deputy-designate, Kamala Harris, had a video conference with the heads of large corporations such as General Motors, Microsoft, Target and Gap. The tops of unions such as AFL-CIO or United Auto Workers were also involved. Numerous business organizations have congratulated Biden on his election victory, including the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable made up of company leaders.

Biden has announced that companies should pay a fairer share through a change in tax law. In addition, only those companies that have their production in the USA should receive government contracts. The minimum wage is set to rise to $ 15 an hour nationwide.

After the presidential election in early November, the Democrat is due to take over government on January 20th. Usually, a transition phase would now run in the USA, in which the future president is introduced to current topics and receives high-level briefings.

However, the incumbent Donald Trump has not yet admitted defeat and is taking legal action against the results in several states. Contrary to this, as well as the calculations of data operators and the US media, he wrote on Twitter on Monday: “I won the election!”


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