Corona bonus in December for Dutch supermarket employees

Albert Heijn supermarket employees receive 15 percent of the periodic salary, says Anoesjka Aspeslagh, spokesman at Ahold Delhaize.

A period salary is a period of four weeks before payment of the salary. This means the more you work, the more money you get.

Profit distribution Albert Heijn

The employees can also expect a profit distribution that is considerably higher than in other years. “The outcome of the winnings payment this year is expected to lead to a significant increase,” says Aspeslagh. “This can amount to a whole period salary.”

Albert Heijn is also adapting the way in which they pay their profit distribution. According to the spokesman, 45 percent is normally first paid based on the period salary in December and the rest will follow later.

This year, the staff will receive 70 percent of the profit distribution immediately and the rest in April.

Other supermarkets

Other supermarkets have also announced that they are working on a bonus. “We are working on an arrangement to appropriately thank our employees for their tremendous commitment at this time,” said Clarie Trügg, head of communications at Jumbo. “They will hear more about that soon.”

Plus and Detailresult Groep N.V. (known from the Dirk supermarkets) also say that they are still working out an appropriate scheme for their employees.

“All employees have recently received a payment of 25 percent of the periodic salary”, says Fiona Wijnbergen, press officer at Detailresult. “In addition, various other activities are taking place to thank the employees, including a Christmas bonus.”


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