Corona care and weak jobs report push Dow into red | Financial

The Dow Jones index closed 0.5% lower. The broader S&P500 index fell 1%. The Nasdaq was down 2.2%.

President Trump’s announcement that it is a mild corona contamination is putting an already uncertain election outcome under further pressure, analysts told Bloomberg. Later in the evening, the president was transferred to a military hospital.

Moreover, there is no prospect of a deal on the proposed $ 2.2 billion bailout package by the Democrats. That plan was approved last night in the US House of Representatives, but there is no deal with the Republicans in the Senate.

On the agenda in New York in the morning was the job report for the so-called non-farm payrolls for the month of September. Analysts surveyed by Dow Jones assume an increase of 800,000 jobs, which was a cooling to 661,000, against 1.37 million new jobs in August.

Financial market volatility as measured by futures on the VIX or “shaky” index shot up Friday as the election outcome in the largest economy has become more uncertain.

Brent and WTI oil fell by another 3.8%. Brent oil, the main gauge of refinery products such as gasoline and diesel, fell below $ 40 a barrel.

Gold, on the other hand, rose 0.2% to above $ 1900 per Troy ounce (31.1 grams). But copper, used in construction projects, lost 4.3%.

Aviation wins

The signal of more state support for aviation companies also played a part in the S&P American Airlines well, it closed at a 3.3% gain. Delta Airlines won 2.1%.

Machine builder stood in the Dow Jones Caterpillar with 2.2% at the top, Dow won 2.6%.

Supermarket group Walmart (-1.8%) sold a majority stake in its British subsidiary Asda to an investment consortium.

Tech stocks like Amazon (-3%), Apple (-3.2%), Netflix (-4.6%), Intel (-2.4%) and Tesla 7.4%, despite 43% more quarterly sales, closed lower. Followed by Microsoft (-2.2%) and Facebook (-2.5%).

Car builder Ford fell 0.6%, its third-quarter car sales fell nearly 5% from last year.

A striking climber became Janus Henderson, the asset manager in which activist investor Trian took a stake – possibly to demand more returns – with 16%. Also with fund manager Invesco, one of the largest in the US, Train took a stake: Invesco plus was 5.3%.

Taxi app Uber drops 0.6%. Investors led by Greenbriar Equity Group put $ 500 million into Uber Freight, Uber’s logistics arm, valued at $ 3.3 billion.


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