corona causes a lot of worryers

Tossing, turning awake over and over again in your bed or staring through the window in front of you: corona causes a lot of worry among the Dutch population.

More peace in our agenda because there is almost nothing to do does not automatically mean more peace in our heads. Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, a third of the Dutch have less mental peace, because we are more often concerned. This has emerged from a study by the bank SNS, carried out by Miles Research, among more than 2500 people aged 18 and older.

Worrying about finances and health because of corona

At night in particular, we worry about the health of our loved ones (64 percent), our own health (48 percent) and the impact of the pandemic on our finances (20 percent). People concerned about their finances mainly worry about keeping their jobs (71 percent).

The world has really come to a standstill at this time, according to the research, because we don’t feel the room to make major changes in our lives. More than a third of the Dutch (36 percent) prefer to postpone changing jobs or buying a house in these bizarre times.

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Prefer not to go to bed

We peak more on working days (51 percent) than on weekends (10 percent). The most popular places to visit
do this in bed and on the couch. Almost half of the Dutch sometimes lie awake in bed because they are grinding. At the moment, one in ten Dutch people sometimes prefers not to go to bed for fear of worrying.

Sparring in times of corona

“The figures from the survey correspond with our practical experience,” says Marieke Commandeur, Head of the Expertise Center for Financial Resilience. “We notice in the contact that customers have more questions and share concerns more often than before. It helps to spar with a financial advisor. You can do this by telephone, but there is also a solution for night-time worriers: the One-Two App. You leave your question at night, and when you wake up in the morning, someone will immediately start working on your question. “

Mental peace comes with age

There is also good news from the survey: 30 percent of the Dutch never worry. And for the Dutch, who unfortunately belong to the other 70 percent, there is hope for the future. Mental peace seems to come with the years. While 82 percent of Dutch people under the age of 35 have a worry, this is only half (41 percent) among the over-55s.

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Financial concerns: corona causes a lot of worryers


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