Corona: Children apparently particularly affected by mysterious inflammation

So far, children in the corona pandemic were considered to be less at risk.

So far, children in the corona pandemic were considered to be less at risk.


  • The WHO warns of a new kind of inflammation in children in connection with a corona infection.
  • Children have already died from such inflammation in the United States and France.
  • Doctors remind these cases of the so-called Kawasaki syndrome.

So far, children in the corona pandemic have been considered relatively safe. To date, more than 4,000 people have died from the corona virus in Germany, and there was only one case in the age group between zero and nine years (as of May 14). However, reports of severe inflammation in children associated with a corona infection are now piling up. In New York, more than 100 children apparently fell ill, three of them died. On Friday, a nine-year-old boy died of inflammation in Marseille, France.

The World Health Organization also warns of the new danger. There are initial reports that recent cases of childhood disease are related to the coronavirus, said WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He urged medical professionals worldwide to work with WHO and national health authorities to “better understand” the syndrome. Read Too

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A study from Bergamo, the center of the pandemic in Italy, said that the characteristic features of the rare inflammatory disease resembled the so-called Kawasaki syndrome. As the doctors in The Lancet report, this could actually be related to Covid-19 – but the doctors emphasize that only a small proportion of younger patients are affected. Kawasaki syndrome leads to an overreaction of the immune system, which is probably caused by bacteria or viruses.

Adults already know that the corona virus can also cause such an overreaction. A direct connection between Kawasaki and Covid-19 has not yet been established. However, there are now reports from several countries about children with inflamed blood vessels, rashes and fever – symptoms that at least resemble Kawaski’s disease.

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