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Corona Christmas: Twice as many registrations on the dating platform

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Christmas is known to be the festival of love and thus also the search for love – every year, especially around the holidays, new registrations at dating agencies increase. And in 2020 it is a very special situation: The lockdown prevented single parties and flirting at the Christmas market this Advent and ensures that the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right on the Internet is increasingly frequent.

Even during the first lockdown in spring, people were increasingly looking for dating partners online. More than twice as many messages were sent on “Tinder”. And others were also very popular. The lockdown currently falls on the public holiday – a reason for many singles to flirt virtually.

The online dating agency LemonSwan has evaluated new registrations and activities on its site and determined: From December 26th. There was a doubling of new registrations last year as well as this year. But in 2020 there was a special feature: from the announcement of the lockdown on December 14, more and more new people registered on the dating platform. Overall, the number of new registrations rose by 40 percent, with the most new registrations on December 27th.

LemonSwan CEO Sabine Schöler says: “Especially in times of uncertainty, people long for closeness and someone who is there for them – especially on this Christmas, when there were no big celebrations and get-togethers, virtual getting to know each other via an online Dating agency Joy and excitement in life between home office and the holidays on the sofa at home. “

More male singles online

The evaluation of LemonSwan also shows that this is mainly men looking for happiness on the holidays. Compared to the previous year, 15 percent more male singles registered. And they were also significantly more active: Compared to the rest of the year, they were online 20 percent more.

Singles between the ages of 36 and 50 made from 25.12. almost half, namely 49 percent, of the new registrations.

The most popular time for chatting and flirting is between eight and ten in the morning. Last year the members were mainly on December 26th. and 29.12. Most active in 2019 and January 4th and 5th, 2020.


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