Corona conflict: Johnson’s not so United Kingdom

The chief of the Scottish nationalists of the SNP, who anyway Scotland as quickly as possible from the centuries-old alliance England wanted to get out, simply refused to take the new easing off London in Scotland to implement.


They are “catastrophic” for Scotland, especially since this new message is “vague and imprecise”. The reason for the resentment that is in there Edinburgh boiled up, then made a close confidant Sturgeons clear: Johnson contrary to the good cooperation so far, simply did not agree on the new measures, “it seems as if he has simply worked for the whole United States kingdom spoken”.

Everything stays in Wales too

Traditionally less argumentative with London are the Welsh people, but there too the new rules were rejected and the “stay at home” message remained valid. Also in Northern Ireland you don’t want to risk anything and don’t care about the changes. Johnson reacted noticeably resigned, he could understand, he said to a guest commentary for the Mail on Sunday newspaper, “that” many people are frustrated by the new rules, but that is a path that this country has never taken before. ”

Reluctance in England too

In the meantime, however, it is not only the northern neighbors who are driving the Prime Minister into the parade, also in England even where you’re actually at London especially some of the regions hard hit by the pandemic don’t want to stop Johnsons swing new course. So had Hartlepool in the Northeast England explains the schools are not as of London scheduled to unlock on June 1st. That is too risky because of the still high infection rate.

No vacation in Wales

As the summer season is just around the corner, the resistance of the Scots and Welsh people is particularly inconvenient for many Englishmen, as many of the weekends have already been extended Wales planned by the sea. The Welsh nationalists make sure that nothing of this comes from the party Plaid Cymru clear. The English should only stay at home: “Let’s not talk around for long England to Wales travels for no good reason is arrested. ”


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