Corona corruption case Nüßlein: This is the second suspect

Investor Thomas Limberger (left) in 2006 with the then Bavarian Economics Minister Erwin Huber (CSU)

Investor Thomas Limberger (left) in 2006 with the then Bavarian Economics Minister Erwin Huber (CSU)

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At 35, Thomas Peter Limberger is “almost at the top”.

In the late autumn of 2002 he became CEO of General Electric (GE) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, making him a shooting star. The “Handelsblatt” calls “Porschefahrer” Limberger the “Jack Welch of the Alps” – a homage based on the legendary GE CEO of the 80s and 90s.

The reputation precedes Limberger, even in 2008, when he was no longer with GE but on the board of directors of the Von Roll industrial group. A “whirlwind” is Limberger, who maintains good contacts in politics, back then for “Die Zeit”, a “quick talker”. “This is a type of manager who doesn’t think about it for long, but immediately shifts up two gears and implements the chosen strategy quickly and consistently,” the weekly newspaper quotes a colleague from the supervisory board.

In the years to come, Limberg will switch down, not up. Instead of taking on large positions in large corporations, he founded an investment company in London in 2011, the SilverArrow Capital Group. It is registered in the UK tax haven of Guernsey. He is also chairman of the board of the International Business Senate eV, founded in 2013, an interest group of entrepreneurs and “top-class personalities”, also from politics, who feel committed to the canon of values ​​of the “honorable businessman”.

It has become so quiet around Limberg. Til today.

Apparently Limberger is involved in the corruption case of the CSU member of the Bundestag Georg Nüßlein. On Thursday it became known that the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office was investigating Nüßlein for corruption and tax fraud; the Bundestag then lifted the CSU politician’s immunity. A second person is being investigated for “suspected bribery of elected officials” – and according to information from, this person is Thomas Limberger.

660,000 euros for corona business with the federal and state governments

The corruption case involving Nüßlein and Limberger is about business with corona protective masks in the past year. In the summer, Nüßlein called on several federal ministries and state governments in order to thread double-digit million deals with two textile companies. According to information from, Nüßlein even put officials in the Federal Ministry of Health under pressure to pay the corresponding bills – with letters under the letterhead of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group.

According to, Nüßlein collected 660,000 euros for his intermediary services, transferred to Tectum Holding GmbH, which he runs as a one-man company. The investigators in the case against the CSU politician suspect that this sum was via the company Pluto Fund Management Ltd. was paid. You refer to information from Lichtenstein and the Central Office for Financial Transaction Investigations. Limberger is one of two directors of the company, which has its address in the Caribbean tax haven of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. By Pluto Fund Management Ltd. again there are obvious connections to the textile company L., one of two companies for which Nüßlein sought government deals.

From there, according to the investigators, payments were made to Pluto Fund Management Ltd. – L. is listed in the proceedings as a witness, not as a suspect. The Frankfurt lawyer Markus F. is said to have established the connection between Pluto and L. F. and Limberger, in turn, know each other, they are listed as shareholders and authorized signatories of a GmbH founded last April in Switzerland. A GmbH whose purpose is “trading in goods of all kinds, especially in the field of health care, medical accessories, sanitary requirements and protective clothing as well as advisory and brokerage activities”. could not reach Limberger on his mobile number or on his company extension for a comment. His extension to the SilverArrow Capital Group has apparently been shut down. At the company’s head office, calls end immediately on the mailbox. Limberger cannot be reached at the International Business Senate either. According to the Berlin office, he doesn’t have an office there. However, reference is made to a Limberger email address. There was initially no response to a written question about the allegations in the Nüßlein case.


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