Corona crisis: 6 numbers have drastic effects on the economy

  • The corona virus has plunged the German economy into a deep crisis. This is shown by new figures from an internal government paper.
  • According to this, almost two million small businesses and the self-employed have asked for Corona help.
  • The economy also expects record losses in its most important export market. An overview.

It is only an interim report, packed into six pages, 14 graphics and even more numbers. The authors should not claim to have drawn up a comprehensive, detailed picture of the situation in the German economy.

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And yet the paper, which circulates in the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Finance and is available to business insiders, gives a first overview of how things are in Germany almost two months after the outbreak of the corona crisis. shows and explains the six most impressive numbers.

6 figures that show the extent of the corona crisis for the German economy


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