Corona crisis at Swiss Post: How it could have happened

Two Distribution centers the post Officein which there are suddenly a striking number of Covid-19 infections; plus a kindergarten in Vienna-Liesing, which has to be closed due to corona infections – and finally comes Refugee home in Vienna-Erdberg into the game: How are all these locations related to which there has been excitement since the weekend?

And true what Home Secretary Karl Nehammer on Sunday in the room, namely: That “too little” is being done in the federal capital to keep the corona virus at bay?

The KURIER answers the most important questions:

Has the city Vienna simply ignored that Covid-19 infections from one Refugee home in Vienna-Erdberg at post distribution centers and a kindergarten are “spilled over” like this FPÖ and ÖVP criticize?

According to the Health City Council office Peter Hacker the opposite has happened: the city Vienna examines a large “infection cluster”. The claim was investigated that it was in one Refugee home in Vienna-Erdberg a case with corona symptoms. After a positive test, this person’s contacts were followed up and agency workers identified for the post Office work. So you are in the first place Distribution centers came. A temporary agency plays a central role in the infection cluster mentioned, in which individual employees of the post distribution centers were employed. Infection in a kindergarten Liesing is probably also due to the agency company – the infected kindergarten teacher is married to a agency worker.

Will be in Wiener Refugee homes and homeless facilities too rarely and little tested?

According to the city Vienna So far, 67 employees and 955 residents have been tested in refugee institutions. Except for the mentioned home in Vienna-Erdberg no positive tests in refugee institutions are known. So far, 953 tests have been carried out in homeless institutions (63 employees, 920 residents). All tests were negative.

What are the consequences of the recent cases on the Covid 19 strategy?

The city Vienna now wants to increasingly approach and test temporary employment agencies. The alarming reason: Temporary workers generally don’t get paid if they report sick. Many therefore continue to work sick. This is a problem for the reporting and containment of Covid-19.

Will there be delays in the delivery of packages?

According to Post spokesman Markus Leitgeb In some cases, delivery may take a day or two longer. He emphasizes that the two Distribution centers Hagenbrunn and Vienna-Inzersdorf are still in operation. Small format parcels are currently being diverted and sent to the letter center in Vienna sent. A total of up to 700,000 parcels are currently being sent every day. “This is a surge like to Christmas“Reports Leitgeb.

What is the task now in the centers? Armed Forces?

The 270 soldiers requested are not responsible for the extradition but help in Hagenbrunn when sorting the packages and loading the vehicles With. Shift work has been running since Sunday. The support is provided by the post Office paid.

Has the post Office sloppy in security precautions?

“No,” spokesman says Markus Leitgeb. Most people who tested positive for Covid-19 had shown no symptoms and therefore did not know that they were ill. In the post Office it is believed that many workers in the family association have become infected. It is very important that the safety distance is maintained in the post centers, and mouth protection is also a duty.

Is it common for the post Office Are asylum seekers used?

The post Office makes use of a number of personnel firms, workers must comply with certain guidelines. It is currently being examined whether misconduct has occurred in the current case.


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