Corona crisis: Companies offer fewer training positions

Training places could become scarce due to the Corona crisis.

Training places could become scarce due to the Corona crisis.


  • The corona crisis is also a heavy burden for artisan companies. There are hardly any orders.
  • According to a survey by the Central Association of German Crafts (ZDH), this also affects the training offers in the industry.
  • As “” reports in reference to the survey, a quarter of the craft businesses plan to offer fewer apprenticeships next year.

There has been a shortage of skilled workers in the craft for years. Extensive training offers are therefore particularly important for the future of the industry. However, as a result of the Corona crisis, many apprenticeships could be lost – and the shortage of skilled workers in Germany could be exacerbated.

A survey by the Central Association of German Handicrafts (ZDH), which is available from the ARD political magazine Report Mainz and reports on the news portal “”, shows that a quarter of German handicraft businesses are planning to fill fewer apprenticeships next year . Almost 38 percent of the 2,700 craft businesses surveyed stated that they wanted to offer as many jobs as in the previous year. Only every twentieth company intends to increase its training offers.

Volker Born from the ZDH cites the current uncertainty and financial burden on many companies as a result of the corona crisis as the reason for the possible slump in training opportunities. “There are hardly any new orders coming in,” quotes “”. It is simply not known when the craft businesses can return to work. Looking into the future – and thus personnel planning – is currently difficult. Read Too

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The decline in training opportunities could be permanent

The main problem here is that the decline in training opportunities for the coming year could not just be a brief aftershock of the Corona crisis. There is a risk that companies will no longer train apprentices in the long term, warned Stefan Sell from the University of Koblenz in an interview with Report Mainz. The past has shown that the loss of apprenticeships in a company is often permanent.

Sell ​​rates the results of the survey as “worrying and extremely problematic”. Already in the past few years there had been too little training in the craft businesses. In addition, many industry specialists would retire in the coming years. Losing more youngsters could be “fatal” for the craft, Sell said.

ZDH demands financial subsidy for training companies

ZDH President Hans Peter Wollseifer said similarly in a press release: “The learning place of operation cannot be replaced. A decline in the training performance of the companies will foreseeably exacerbate the problem of skilled workers massively. ” Read Too

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He appeals to politicians to act now. “As a motivational tool that provides training companies with financial support, we propose a one-off grant for training companies,” said Wollseifer.

The Federal Government has taken measures in recent years to counter the shortage of skilled workers. The Immigration Act only came into force in March. This makes it easier for specialists from non-EU countries to take up a job in Germany.


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