Corona crisis in India: poor countries have to do without vaccines

Corona vaccination in a school in New Delhi

Corona vaccination in a school in New Delhi

Sonu Mehta / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

The devastating corona crisis in India also has serious consequences for poorer countries in the rest of the world. You do not receive the vaccination doses promised because India is now claiming the production from the Indian Serum Institute itself. The Covax international vaccination program, which many poorer countries rely on for vaccine supplies, ordered a large proportion of its vaccine doses there. “Covax no longer expects the delivery of vaccination doses from the Serum Institute to resume in May,” said a spokeswoman for the Gavi vaccination initiative, which Covax manages, of the German Press Agency in Geneva on Friday.

According to contracts, the Serum Institute should have delivered 110 million vaccine doses to Covax by May. But only 20 million arrived. Covax hopes to be able to deliver to the recipient countries, which are now empty, by June at the latest, as the spokeswoman said. It is important to care for people who have already received the first dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine. There were still 20 million cans missing. Covax has also ordered from other Astrazeneca suppliers.

The vaccination initiative appealed to countries with large vaccine depots to give doses to Covax. Covax plans to deliver at least two billion vaccine doses by the end of 2021. As of May 7, 54 million vaccine doses had been distributed to 121 countries. Gavi has just signed contracts for 850 million vaccine doses with the US manufacturers Moderna and Novavax. The first deliveries should come in October.

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