Corona crisis: SPD wants to keep a close eye on Spahn and Merkel

Spahn and Merkel under observation: The SPD wants to accompany the corona policy in the future with its own committee.

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Crises are the hour of the executive, as is the case with the corona pandemic. The government must quickly buy vaccine, organize economic aid, and procure masks. Parliament is taking a back seat. But the MPs insist on one of their central tasks – to control and monitor the government.

That is why the SPD has set up an interdisciplinary working group entitled “Consequences of the Covid19 Pandemic”. That comes from a paper that has. The paper makes it clear what it is about: The current pandemic should be critically monitored, including the deliberations and resolutions of the Prime Minister’s Conference (MPK), Corona Cabinet and Vaccination Cabinet. The SPD wants to keep a close eye on Chancellor Angela Merkel and Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU).

The Social Democrats have also listed where they want to take a particularly critical look: “Implementation deficits are currently visible in a number of central aspects of the crisis-fighting measures that have been taken,” it says. It lists, for example, the procurement of vaccines, the expansion of production capacities, a test strategy or the protection of nursing homes.

The committee should also make suggestions for the future. “At the same time, we must already draw economic, social and health policy conclusions from the pandemic and its consequences so that Germany emerges stronger from this historical crisis,” the paper says. These topics should be discussed every Tuesday in the session weeks.

The committee is headed by the SPD parliamentary groups Dirk Wiese and Bärbel Bas. The spokespersons for the working groups concerned are also present. In addition, representatives from various federal states are on board, including the state of Berlin, which is currently chairing the conference of prime ministers.

Working group leader Wiese emphasizes that this body is only a preliminary stage. Because actually an official subcommittee should be formed in the Bundestag to accompany the corona policy. But the issue is currently stuck between the Union and the SPD. “In principle, we would welcome a full sub-committee in Parliament. I cannot understand the resistance within the CDU / CSU, ”Wiese told

Alexander Dobrindt, head of the CSU in the Bundestag, responded meekly when asked. There are still details to be clarified, such as which tasks the sub-committee takes on and how it is composed. When does it start? “In the near future,” said Dobrindt, remaining vague. Curious, because he originally had the idea for the committee before Christmas. Nothing has been done so far.

The SPD is now starting its working group, and next week it will officially meet for the first time.


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