Corona figures continue to fall in our country

The downward trend in corona figures in our country continues today. Due to a malfunction at Sciensano, no new figures can be found on the dashboard of the health institute, so we only get new figures in the Coronalert app.

In addition to your personal risk level, you can also find general figures about the corona virus in the Coronalert app. As a result, there are still some new figures available today.

Number of hospital admissions fell to 304

In the week of November 16-22, an average of 304 new patients were admitted to hospital with a corona infection every day. This is a decrease of 34 percent compared to the same period a week earlier.

In addition, there is also a decrease in the number of deaths from the corona virus in our country. That figure averaged 156 per day in the week of 16 to 22 November, a 16 percent drop compared to the same period a week earlier. That figure was above 200 a day about two weeks ago.

An average of 3,082 infections per day

During the same period, an average of 3,082 infections were also reported every day. That figure is 35 percent lower than a week earlier. It is important to mention that this concerns the period up to and including Sunday 22 November. So these are figures from before the test strategy was adjusted.

Until November 22, only people who showed symptoms of the coronavirus were allowed to have themselves tested. Those who had a high-risk contact had to be quarantined for ten days and were not tested. As a result, far fewer tests were taken daily than in October, which of course also resulted in a decrease in the number of positive tests in our country. But since Monday, November 23, people without symptoms can also have themselves tested again, so we can expect an increase in the number of infections per day.

Consultation committee

Tomorrow, on Friday 27 November, the Consultation Committee in our country will meet again. This will concern the measures after December 13th. The current measures in our country are valid until Sunday 13 December.

An important point on the agenda will of course be the regulation regarding the holidays. Several of our neighboring countries have already decided on their strategy for the Christmas period. In France, the curfew will be abolished on December 24 and December 31 and there are no real measures regarding the number of guests. It is indicated, however, not to “sit at the table with too many people”. In Germany you can celebrate the holidays with a maximum of 10 people. The UK has families, where you may invite two families to Christmas in addition to the members of your own family.


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