Corona figures continue to rise: an average of 347 new infections per day

Although measures have been tightened up in our country, figures relating to the corona virus continue to increase. The experts previously announced that we will only feel the effect of the new measures within two weeks. We will therefore continue to see an increase in the figures for the time being.

The figures related to the coronavirus in our country continue to rise. This is evident from the new data from the health institute Sciensano. Experts already predicted that the numbers would continue to rise for the time being. It is now important that everyone adheres to the new measures so that we can see their effect within two weeks.

An average of 347 new infections per day

In the period from 20 to 26 July, an average of 347 new infections with the coronavirus were diagnosed every day. Good for a 77 percent increase over the previous seven-day period. This involved an average of 196 infections per day.

This brings the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants in our country to 33.1. In total, there are now 67,335 infections with the coronavirus counted in our country.

Hospital admissions

The number of hospital admissions is also increasing. This involved an average of 17.7 admissions per day. At the moment, a total of 263 patients are hospitalized with a corona infection. A week ago, that number was still at 191. The number of patients on intensive care rose from 41 a week ago to 47 yesterday.

There is a slight decrease in the average number of deaths per day. This is a decrease from 2.5 in the past week to 2.3 per day. In total, 9,836 people died in our country from the effects of the new corona virus.


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