Corona figures: less than 9,000 new infections per day

The decline in the figures related to the corona virus in our country continues. Both the average number of infections and the average number of hospital admissions per day are decreasing further. The number of deaths is still increasing slightly.

The latest figures from Sciensano’s dashboard show that the decline in the figures around the corona virus is continuing.

Less than 9,000 new infections per day

The average number of coronavirus infections in our country has dropped below 9,000. This obviously has to do with the testing strategy in which only people who show symptoms are tested. As a result, the average fell to 8,260 per day in the week from October 31 to November 6. A decrease of 46 percent compared to a week earlier.

The new testing strategy makes it difficult to draw any real conclusions from this, but we can do that with the positivity ratio. It now falls further to 24.4 percent. At the end of October, that percentage was still 29 percent. This percentage means that of all corona tests that are administered in our country, about one in four turns out to be positive. The World Health Organization (WHO) uses 5 percent as a limit to consider the epidemic under control.

The total number of confirmed corona cases in our country is now more than half a million. It’s about 503,182 to be precise.

The number of hospital admissions is decreasing

The number of hospital admissions in our country is also declining further. That is now an average of 574 per day. Compared to last week, this is a decrease of 14 percent.

The number of people currently in hospital will rise again after a few days. It now concerns 7,217 corona patients. That is 4 percent more than yesterday. The figure also increased slightly in intensive care units. This now concerns 1,474 occupied beds, which is 4 more than yesterday. So, just like in recent days, the increase is very slight and the figure appears to be stabilizing.

The average number of deaths from coronavirus infection is still increasing. It now concerns an average of 179 deaths per day, an increase of 39 percent.

Fear of mental consequences working from home

Due to the new lockdown, several psychologists are concerned about people who have to work from home full-time. This can lead to complete social isolation and a difficult separation between work and private life.

The Psychology & Corona expert group, which is affiliated with several Belgian universities, therefore asks, as soon as the situation allows it again, to find a balance between working from home and working at the office as soon as possible. In addition, they already demand understanding from employers. They also point out that a good workplace is also important at home.


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