Corona figures: Number of deaths decreases by 21 percent

The number of deaths due to the consequences of the corona virus in our country is decreasing sharply. This is a decrease of 21.2 percent. The number of hospital admissions is also decreasing. There is still an increase in the new infections, but it is decreasing every day.

In the latest figures on the Sciensano dashboard, we see that the number of deaths from the corona virus is decreasing sharply. The number of hospital admissions also continues to decline. The average number of new infections per day is increasing.

On average 2,348.1 new infections per day (+9 percent)

In the week from 24 to 30 January, an average of 2,348.1 new infections with the corona virus were diagnosed daily. That’s an increase of 9 percent compared to the previous seven-day period. This increase is as exactly the same as yesterday. The day before yesterday it was an increase of 10 percent.

Currently, an average of 49,340.7 corona tests are administered daily. That’s an increase of 14 percent compared to the previous seven-day period. At the last consultation committee it was also intended to increase the number of tests again and that now seems to be the case. Those who return from abroad still have to take two corona tests. In the event of outbreaks in schools, all students and teachers are quickly tested.

The percentage of tests that turn out to be positive, the so-called positivity ratio, decreases very slightly. This is now 5.5 percent, which is 0.1 percent lower than in the last seven-day period. With this, our country is still flirting with the 5 percent threshold that the World Health Organization uses to see the crisis under control. However, experts in our country want to see this figure fall to 3 percent before introducing easing.

Average of 117.3 hospital admissions per day (-10 percent)

The number of hospital admissions is still falling. This is now an average of 117.3 per day, which is a decrease of 10 percent compared to the previous seven-day period.

A total of 1,794 people were in hospital yesterday after being infected with the corona virus. That is 58 fewer than the day before. Of these, 311 are in intensive care units. That is 14 fewer than the day before.

Average of 42.6 deaths per day (-21.2 percent)

Between 24 and 30 January, an average of 42.6 people died every day from the consequences of a corona infection. That is also a decrease of no less than 21.2 percent compared to a week earlier. In total, 21,173 people have already died of Covid-19 in our country.


At present, 285,765 people in our country have already been vaccinated against the corona virus for the first time. This concerns the first phase of the vaccinations that take place among residents and staff of residential care centers.

In proportion, 3.10 percent of the Belgian population over 18 years of age is currently partially vaccinated against the corona virus. That amounts to 2.49 percent of the entire population. 21,159 Belgians have already received a second dose of the corona vaccine.


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