Corona figures: Number of hospital admissions continues to fall, stagnation in deaths

The number of hospital admissions of people infected with the corona virus continues to decline. In addition, there also seems to be a stagnation in the number of deaths from the consequences of the virus.

The latest figures on the Sciensano dashboard show that the trend of recent days continues. This means that the number of hospital admissions continues to fall and that a platform appears to have been reached in the number of deaths per day.

An average of 463 hospital admissions per day

In the week of 9 to 15 November, an average of 463 people were admitted to hospital with a corona infection every day. That is 22 percent less than a week earlier.

A total of 6,518 corona patients were in hospital yesterday, 1,439 of which were in intensive care units. This is an increase, as fewer people are released from hospital on weekends. As a result, 12 extra beds were filled by corona patients in Belgian hospitals yesterday. In the intensive care departments, this involved 16 extra beds.

The increase in the number of deaths is decreasing

There is still an increase in the number of deaths, but that increase is decreasing every day. Between 6 and 12 November, an average of 197 people died every day from the effects of a corona infection. That is 6.7 percent more than a week ago.

In total, 14,421 people in our country have now died from the consequences of infection with the corona virus.

Positivity ratio continues to fall

The number of new infections per day continues to fall to an average of 5,057. That is another decrease of 47 percent. This still has to do with the test strategy that has been in place in our country since the end of October. Only people with symptoms are tested and no longer everyone who has a high risk of infection. This currently concerns an average of 29,342 tests per day. That figure was still more than 67,000 at the end of October.

So we cannot draw any conclusions from the number of new infections, but we can when we look at the positivity ratio. That’s the percentage of tests that return positive. At present, this is 20.9 percent. At the end of October this was still more than 29 percent.

Schools reopen

After the autumn break, which exceptionally lasted a week longer, the schools are open again from today.

In primary school this means that the pupils are expected to be at school every day. In secondary school this is only the case for pupils of the first grade, for the second and third grade it concerns part-time lessons at school alternating with distance learning. Schools can decide for themselves how to do this, but virologists are in favor of alternating weeks of lessons at school and lessons via distance learning.


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