Corona figures: Number of hospital admissions dips below 400

The number of new hospital admissions due to coronavirus infections in our country continues to decline. For example, on Thursday, November 12, for the first time since October 19, less than 400 people with a corona infection were admitted to hospital.

The figures related to the corona virus in our country continue to decline. This is evident from the figures on the Sciensano dashboard.

Less than 400 hospital admissions

On Thursday, November 12, a total of 399 people with a corona infection were admitted to hospital. This concerns the lowest figures since 19 October and therefore also the first time that this figure dips below 400 again.

The average is still a lot higher with an average of 497 new admissions per day in the week from 6 to 12 November. In total, there are now 7,010 corona patients in the hospital, 1,452 of which are in intensive care units. That is 9 less than yesterday. As a result, for the time being we seem to be below the threshold of 2,000 and there is still a bed available for every patient.

The number of deaths continues to rise, but the increase is decreasing. This now concerns an average of 196 deaths per day, a week ago it was an average of 163 deaths per day.

Number of positive tests continues to decline

Due to the changed test strategy in our country, the number of infections per day is decreasing sharply. In the week of November 3-9, an average of 6,877 positive tests were administered. At the peak a few weeks ago, it was still more than 16,000. This is of course the result of the changed testing strategy in which only people who show symptoms of the virus are tested. As a result, we cannot actually compare the figures with those of the old test strategy. There are currently 35,830 tests per day. At the peak it was still more than 67,000.

What is interesting is the declining positivity ratio in our country. That is the percentage of the corona tests that came back positive. At the moment, the positivity ratio is on average 23.24 percent. This is again lower than yesterday (23.69 percent).

Children are also susceptible to coronavirus

A study by KU Leuven in collaboration with Sciensano shows that children are indeed susceptible to infection with the corona virus, but that they hardly or not become ill from it. It is not yet clear how contagious they are when they are carriers of the virus.

For the study, children were tested in the Limburg municipalities of Alken and Pelt. Alken was badly hit during the first wave, Pelt had only a small number of infections. The research now shows that more children in Alken contain antibodies, which means that they became infected with the virus without knowing it.


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