Corona figures: Number of hospital admissions drops below 300 per day

The new figures on the Sciensano dashboard show that the corona figures in our country are declining further. For example, the average number of hospital admissions now dips below 300 per day. The number of daily deaths from the coronavirus is also decreasing.

The numbers related to the coronavirus in us long continue to decline. Now that the testing capacity is being increased again, there will probably be another increase in the number of infections in our country.

Number of hospital admissions less than 300

The average number of new hospital admissions is now lower than 300. This is an average of 294 new admissions per day. That is a decrease of 33 percent compared to the previous 7-day period.

There are currently 5,076 people in hospital (52 more than the day before), of whom 1,168 are in intensive care (26 less than the day before).

The number of deaths continues to decline

In the period from 14 to 20 November, an average of 165 people died every day from the consequences of a corona infection. That is a decrease of 15.7 percent.

A total of 15,755 people in our country have now died from the consequences of an infection with the corona virus.

Changed test strategy

The average number of infections per day is now 3,298, but that figure is likely to rise again now that people without symptoms are also allowed to have themselves tested again.

At the moment, less than 30,000 corona tests are administered per day. The intention is to increase that figure a lot again, but more tests obviously also means more positive tests. At the moment, the positivity ratio in our country is 14.2 percent. That means that of all tests that are administered, 14.2 percent turn out to be positive. At the end of October, that figure was still above 29 percent.

Barely 8 percent want carte blanche for Christmas

A survey of Ghent University shows that barely eight percent ask for carte blanche during the Christmas season. The vast majority therefore want there to still be measures that state with how many people you can meet to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The survey shows that most are in favor of a scenario with two extra visitors on top of the existing hug contact.


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