Corona figures: Stabilization continues

The corona figures in our country are further stabilizing. Just like yesterday, there are only slight fluctuations in the figures. This can be read on the dashboard of health institute Sciensano.

After a long period of increases, the corona figures in our country now seem to be stabilizing. At the end of February, it was still feared that we would see a sharp rise in the corona figures in March, but that is clearly not happening. Just like yesterday, the corona figures in our country remain about the same.

On average 2,359 new infections per day (-1 percent)

In the week from 1 to 7 March, an average of 2,359 new infections with the corona virus was diagnosed daily in Belgium. That is a decrease of 1 percent compared to a week earlier.

At the moment, an average of 43,849.1 corona tests are taken every day in our country. That is 7 percent more than in the previous seven-day period. The percentage of tests that turn out to be positive, the so-called positivity ratio, decreases very slightly. This is now 6.1 percent, which is 0.5 percent lower than yesterday.

Average of 150.7 hospital admissions per day (-1 percent)

A slight decrease can also be seen in the number of hospital admissions. That figure rose by more than 20 percent last week, but now it is a decrease of 1 percent to an average of 150.7 per day.

Yesterday, 1,947 patients were in hospital after being infected with the corona virus. That is 17 fewer than the day before. 452 people are in the intensive care unit. That is 14 more than the day before. 249 people need to be ventilated.

Average of 24.6 deaths per day (-2.3 percent)

During the past week, an average of 24.6 patients died daily from the consequences of a corona infection. That is 2.3 percent less than a week earlier. In total, 22,347 people in our country have already died from the consequences of a corona infection.


To date, 664,712 Belgians have already received at least one dose of a corona vaccine. That accounts for 7.2 percent of the population over the age of 18 and 5.8 percent of the entire population. 351,934 people also received their second vaccination and are therefore fully vaccinated against the corona virus. This corresponds to 3.8 percent of adults in our country and 3.1 percent of the entire population.


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