Corona – Further restrictions at universities

At the universities, the lockdown leads to further restrictions. Although most of the courses have already been held via distance learning, some more have now been changed. Most of the exams also take place online, but exceptions are possible. In contrast to other libraries, most university libraries remain open at least for borrowing.

Universities and colleges are still excluded from the direct scope of application of the COVID-19 measures regulations in the health sector. You therefore decide on the various measures within the framework of the autonomy.

According to the Ministry of Education, the principle applies: “Together against Corona in university and college operations, everything that is somehow possible is held digitally.” Conversely, this means: “For everything that cannot (meaningfully) be held digitally, it must be questioned whether it actually has to take place in the next three weeks. And responsible universities and colleges should only answer that with a clear yes rely on presence. “

At the University of Vienna, for example, there is a requirement that teaching and examinations should only take place on site where this is “technically imperative” – ​​for example during laboratory exercises. Students should only come to the site for these courses or exams or to borrow or bring books back to the library.

The University of Economics and Business (WU) goes even further: it closes its campus to external users – all courses and exams therefore remain in distance operation, the university library is also blocked from borrowing and the return deadline is extended accordingly. There is a digitization service for urgently needed literature.

The University of Linz is also fundamentally suspending on-site teaching and testing – this even applies to laboratory internships. Exception: scheduled and approved face-to-face exams up to and including November 20th should take place if possible, but the mode may be changed or postponed. Courses that cannot be held online will be postponed. The library also offers limited lending services.

With very few exceptions, all courses at the University of Innsbruck take place virtually. However, the buildings will remain open and the university library can also borrow and return items during limited opening times. Events, meetings and exams generally take place virtually.

It is similar at the University of Graz: With a few exceptions (laboratories, excursions, practical exercises), courses are held at a distance, but examinations are possible on site. Borrowing operations at all libraries will continue and the open access holdings will also remain accessible. However, learning rooms and reading rooms will be closed.

The University of Salzburg also relies on distance teaching: “Non-substitutable” face-to-face events can only be carried out “in particularly justified exceptional cases”. The libraries remain open for borrowing operations, and efforts are being made to find a solution for attendance tests that have already been scheduled.


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