Corona infections: Almost 60 percent from people without symptoms

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How exactly the coronavirus is transmitted so quickly is still difficult for researchers to understand. This is also due to the fact that completely symptom-free people carry the virus and can pass it on unknowingly. According to new findings from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of which CNN reports, this apparently even applies to the majority of the cases reported.

“The CDC estimates that more than 50 percent of all infections are transmitted by people who have no symptoms,” said the CDC’s statement: “This means that at least half of new infections come from people who are probably unaware are that they are contagious to others. “

However, asymptomatic can mean two things: According to the CDC, an average of around 24 percent of people who transmit the virus to others never develop symptoms. Another 35 percent are presymptomatic. So you won’t have any symptoms at the time of transmission, but you will get them later.

The peak of infectivity is reached after five days

The likelihood of passing the virus on to others is highest a few days after becoming infected. According to the CDC, the peak of infectivity is reached after five days. “Therefore, at least 59 percent of the infections were transmitted when no symptoms were present,” the experts write. The majority of infections are caused by people who are completely unaware of their own infection.

This is precisely why masks are so important, the CDC continues. The infection is primarily spread through respiratory droplets that infected people exhale when they breathe, speak, cough, sneeze or sing. “It should be noted that people exhale more droplets when they speak or sing louder or when they exert themselves more.”

Keeping these findings in the back of your mind can help protect yourself and others and thus stop the virus from spreading – even if you think you are completely healthy.



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