Corona losses: Jens Spahn gives hospitals a salary guarantee

Jens Spahn

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The corona crisis has put German hospitals in a state of emergency. Many people have to be treated and even ventilated in intensive care units. In order to reduce the risk of infection, greater hygiene measures are necessary and fewer patients can be admitted. With everything being subordinated to the fight against the pandemic, other operations will have to be postponed. All of this also has a financial impact.

On Tuesday, the German Hospital Association (DKG) sounded the alarm: “If the federal government does not significantly increase the aid, nationwide hospitals will no longer be able to pay their employees’ salaries in the first quarter of 2021,” said the President of the Hospital Association, Gerald Gass Editorial network Germany (RND). “The money from the standard care is missing.” The hospitals only had limited financial resources.

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) reacted quickly to the warning from the DKG. He told the RND: “The federal and state governments share a responsibility. We want to and will secure the liquidity of hospitals during the crisis. The employees can rely on that. ”The topic could also be on the agenda for the next deliberations between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state ministers on January 5th.

In mid-December, the federal government set up a new rescue package for the hospitals. According to the concept of the Ministry of Health, they receive compensation payments in areas particularly exposed to corona if they forego interventions that can be postponed and thus keep beds free. Of this, however, only 25 percent of the clinics would be recorded, explained Gaß. The association president suggested that the clinics should receive their budget on a monthly basis based on 2019 and that they should be billed precisely at the end of 2021.

Clinic operators expect losses

Two thirds of all clinic operators expect losses in 2020 as a whole, as the current hospital barometer of the German Hospital Institute (DKI) shows, which is available to the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. 18 percent of the almost 2,000 clinics with 1.3 million employees rate their current economic situation as good.

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