Corona measures in Germany: Finding the right strategy

In the struggle for the right strategy and what to do next in the next few weeks, the expression “Zero-Covid” also appears. The goal: to bring the number of infections to zero by means of short, hard shutdowns, according to the proponents, including scientists and doctors.

Countries such as Australia and New Zealand are named as positive examples. There, through education, people have achieved the will to commit to the goal of “zero”, they say. But since they have no national borders, a Europe-wide synchronized shutdown would be necessary, says Michael Meyer-Hermann, immunologist at the Helmholtz Center, who also advises the Chancellor.

An initiative has now been founded on the Internet (zero-covid.org) that takes up this idea and calls for a lockdown in all areas, especially in business, via an online petition. The signatories include scientists, climate activists, authors. In their opinion, factories, offices, factories, construction sites, schools should be closed and the duty to work should be suspended. The federal government and the EU would have to put together a package so that people are financially secure. They say there is money. “The societies in Europe have amassed enormous wealth, which, however, a few wealthy people have acquired.” At the same time, the expansion of the health sector is called for.

One of the main demands to enforce uniform measures in Europe is likely to be particularly difficult. In Germany alone, the federal and state governments are often at odds.

S. Lumetsberger, Berlin


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