Corona: Merkel encourages Germans, but has an appeal

Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters Pool / dpa

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) praises the Germans in her video podcast, but also makes an appeal to the population. First of all, it positively points out that Germany has already come a long way in the corona pandemic.

Since the beginning of the year, a lot has changed with regard to the corona virus. Knowledge about infections, protective measures, symptoms and treatment options has increased significantly since then. The “Bild” reported about it.

Merkel emphasizes the people’s “great spirit of research”

Merkel also points out the rapid research into developing vaccines in record time. One could assume that one or more vaccines could be available “not on Saint Never’s Day, but in the foreseeable future”. In this context, the Chancellor speaks of the people’s “great spirit of research”.

Merkel does not only pay tribute to the successes of research. She points out that everyone can do something to prevent the virus from spreading. That is also necessary, because “the second wave of the pandemic is particularly tough,” says Merkel. Historical experience would show that.


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The Chancellor makes it clear that “if this pandemic has anything good at all”, it is that it shows what people are capable of. It is particularly important to work together across borders. But in addition to the praise and the courage that has been awarded, Angela Merkel also makes an appeal to the population.

Merkel appeals: Keep to the rules of distance even at Christmas

Even in the Christmas and Advent season it is important to adhere to the safety and distance rules. It would be worthwhile, “because we will be stronger together than the virus,” emphasizes Merkel.

The Chancellor also addresses the billions in aid programs in her video podcast. Such measures would have been inconceivable before the crisis, but the government is implementing them “because nobody can help the pandemic put him or her in trouble,” said Merkel.



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