Corona outbreak in Kruisem: GP did not follow mouth mask rules during consultations

In the East Flemish fusion municipality of Kruisem, dozens of people have tested positive for the corona virus. The person responsible for this would be a general practitioner. He didn’t always follow the rules about mouth masks. In the meantime, it turns out that he himself is infected with the virus. So he probably infected dozens of his patients.

A temporary corona testing village has been set up in Kruisem, East Flanders. The merged municipality (once Kruishoutem and Zingem) has dozens of new corona infections. According to contact investigators, they can all be linked to one infected GP. He did not always (correctly) wear a mouth mask during his consultations.

“Incomprehensible and irresponsible”

Mayor Joop Verzele (CD&V) has now confirmed this information in a press release. “The GP did not consistently follow the mouth mask guideline during the consultations with his patients,” he said. According to him, that is “incomprehensible and irresponsible”. The doctor would be aware of his mistakes.

This is also not possible, according to Farah Vansteenbrugge. She is a medical expert who coordinates the test center together with the Flemish Agency for Public Health and the municipal emergency planning coordinator. “It is incomprehensible and downright scandalous that a GP can be so careless,” she said.

Temporary test center

All of the doctor’s patients are now being tracked down and contacted. They all have to get tested. That is why a temporary test center has now been set up in Kruisem. Local doctors and nurses are working there. The purpose of the additional test center is to reduce the pressure on nearby test centers.

Only those who have been referred by their doctor can be tested for the corona virus in the temporary center.


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