Corona: Protective measures fail in these counties

Reuters / Fabrizio Bensch

The corona curve in Germany has flattened, the number of active infections is falling, but the situation in individual counties is still critical.

An internal management report by the federal government shows that in some areas “infection control measures are no longer fully implemented due to capacity bottlenecks”.

The Robert Koch Institute sends so-called containment scouts to the relevant areas – sometimes with the order “coping with one [Corona-]Outbreak ”.

Germany is in the cautiously optimistic phase of the corona crisis: the infection curve has flattened out, politicians are deciding to a large extent to ease the situation, and the number of those recovering is increasing faster than the number of new infections.

The pandemic is not over, but it has been brought under control in the Federal Republic for now. At least that applies to large parts of the country. Because infection protection is severely impaired in some districts. This is shown by an internal management report by the Federal Government’s crisis team, which is available to business insiders.

As of May 12, the Robert Koch Institute therefore issued the highest warning level for seven counties: “The implementation of infection control measures is no longer complete due to capacity constraints.” to understand own resources.

In these cases, the local health authorities can request support from the so-called containment scouts of the Robert Koch Institute currently available. They are then given the task of “contact tracking” – or, as in the case of the Saxon Vogtland district or the Baden-Württemberg Enz district, “coping with an outbreak”.

According to the crisis team’s management report, of the almost 400 health offices, 263 have already registered need for help from containment scouts. The assignment is made “depending on the infection in the respective federal states,” says the letter.

This reflects the results of a current survey by the NDR and WDR among the German health authorities. Of the 46 percent of the offices that replied to the request, 67 percent did not have enough employees to guarantee the persecution of close contacts of people infected with corona.

25 health authorities (14 percent) replied that they were currently overloaded and therefore could not fully perform their duties. 38 other offices are said to be very heavily loaded or even “at the limit of overload”.


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