Corona rates: First decrease in deaths

The latest figures on the Sciensano dashboard show that there is a decrease in all figures. The number of deaths from the coronavirus had been stabilizing for several days, but now that figure is also falling by 4.6 percent.

The average number of new coronavirus infections has been falling for several weeks now. And the number of hospital admissions has also been declining for a few days. But now the average number of deaths also follows.

Decrease in average number of deaths per day

For the first time in weeks, there has been a decrease in the number of deaths from the corona virus per day. That figure had been stabilizing around 200 for several days, but now there is really a decrease of 4.6 percent.

This brings the average number of deaths to 184.7. Of course, that remains a high figure. A total of 14,839 people in our country have already died from the effects of Covid-19.

Number of hospital admissions continues to fall

The number of hospital admissions continues to decline, which is now an average of 405.7 per day. That figure was still above 800 per day at the beginning of November.

As a result, there is also a decrease in the total number of corona patients in the hospital. It now concerns 6,264 patients. That is 316 less than yesterday. The figure is also decreasing in the intensive care department. This now concerns 1,359 patients, or 49 fewer than yesterday.

Decrease in the number of infections

The number of new infections is also falling further. Between 8 and 14 November, an average of 4,804.9 new coronavirus infections were diagnosed every day. That is again a decrease of 39 percent, but this is of course related to the testing strategy in which only people who show symptoms are tested. For example, 28,163 tests were carried out in the same period, while that figure was still above 67,000 per day at the end of October.

The positivity ratio, the number of people who test positive in relation to the total number of tests, drops again below 20 percent (19.5 percent) for the first time since October 22.

The test strategy will be changed again from Monday 23 November. Then people who show no symptoms, but had a high-risk contact with someone who tested positive, can have themselves tested again.


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