Corona rules: How many people can drive in the car?

Who can now ride in the car?

The situation in the corona crisis has eased due to the easing of the federal government. Legal expert Uwe Lenhart explains who can now drive a car together.

APay attention to hygiene, keep your distance, do not form large groups – the most important Coronavirus Control Rules continue to apply in Germany until at least June 5, 2020. However, the Federal government in coordination with the Federal states on May 6th some Easing posted the also impact for driving to have. According to the Cabinet’s original decision, only residence with people from ONE household was allowed, but the new decision paper looks a little different.

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“According to paragraph 2, the public remains at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, but the stay is now with everyone Relatives of two households allowed“, explained Traffic lawyer Uwe Lenhart (Frankfurt am Main) on request from AUTO BILD. Since the stay in motor vehicles is still not mentioned in the decision paper, the rules for staying in public, i.e. on public roads, apply to driving. Lenhart: “Relatives from a maximum of two households are allowed to drive a car by removing the minimum distance. If something else was wanted, the stay in the car would have been explicitly regulated.”

Be careful when driving with a protective mask

This means: families, couples or roommates can reunite in the car, even if they don’t live under one roof. But with consideration, foresight – and possibly with protective mask. However, according to legal expert Lenhart Driving restrictions. To enable the driver to be identified in the event of traffic violations, “the face must not be covered by the mask so that it is no longer recognizable“. Violation threatened 60 euros fine. And: After the withdrawal of exit restrictions, jaunts by car or motorcycle are now permitted in all federal states, but only in the area. On private Travel within Germany according to the recommendation of the federal government dispense. Especially since there are still travel restrictions in many places, which will gradually be eased again in May.

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