Corona situation stable in Austria, also in Vienna

The effective one Number of reproductions For Austria “scratched” around April 24th at a value of only 0.5 and then slowly rose again. in the Burgenland the last time (May 6) was just over 0.5 in Carinthia less than 0.5. Upper Austria also has a value of around 0.5, Salzburg is something about it, as is that Styria with about 0.7. In Tyrol There has been a slight increase from less than 0.5 to about 0.7 since the days around April 24. Vorarlberg is a factor of about 0.5.

Lower Austria last came to a SARS-CoV-2 reproduction number of around 0.8 – with about ten diagnoses on May 6th. Vienna was around 1 at around 20 diagnoses (May 6), which shows no obvious difference from the days since around mid-April. On April 4 and May 3, however, there were very few new diagnoses – for an epidemiological point of view, so to speak, “outliers”.


“Since the case number peak was reached on March 26, the number of new cases has decreased. The estimated daily effective Number of reproductions is for Austria since April 4th less than 1 and amounts to 0.81 for May 6th (fluctuation range of the calculation: 0.75 – 0.88). Due to the relatively constant number of incidents (newly identified; note) in the past three weeks, both parameters are subject to certain random fluctuations, “wrote the epidemiologists

The interpretations should therefore always be made in conjunction with the epidemiological curve. “An approximation of the effective ones Number of reproductions An 1 means a constant number of incidence cases per day, but does not provide any information on the level at which the incidence of the Covid-19 cases is “, the experts found. In some states,” the number of incidence cases is very low, which is why fluctuations the effective Number of reproductions should be interpreted with great caution “.

Advice from the chief epidemiologist

The leading epidemiologist at AGES, Daniela Schmid, spoke last in the futurezone interview about the risk of infection in Open, Supermarkets and schools.

Currently at Europe one must fundamentally change the hygiene behavior based on the experiences made during the epidemic. She advises against subway phone calls and fussing – also out of consideration for his fellow human beings.


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