Corona tests for vacationers: “The virus does not go on vacation”

Tourists in Barcelona.

From this Saturday onwards, holidaymakers abroad can have their corona virus tested free of charge when they return to Germany. This is laid down in a decree by Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn, which then comes into force.

The CDU politician said on Friday: “The rising number of infections in Germany is a clear warning signal. The virus doesn’t go on vacation. ”So you should get tested if you come back from a trip. The tests should therefore be possible within 72 hours after returning to health authorities and general practitioners.

The federal government bears the costs for corona tests

According to the regulation, the cost of the tests is borne by the statutory health insurance. The Ministry of Health had already signaled that the federal government would ultimately take over the funding through an increased subsidy to the health insurers.

Spahn confirmed that returnees from Corona risk areas will shortly have to be tested upon request upon arrival. To this end, an order is planned that, according to the ministry, is currently in coordination with the federal states and is expected to come into force over the next week.

Spahn emphasized: “Even more than government orders, each of us matters. The better we pay attention to each other in everyday life, the better we can get through this pandemic together. “


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