Corona uncertain factor for new Van Nieuwkerk program

“I really know what I want. But how are we doing? Is there an audience, is there no audience? Can you have an orchestra or can’t you?” Matthijs wonders in front of the camera. “It is still a bit decided in the future and I just have to wait for that.”

The program must experience its baptism by fire on New Year’s Eve. Nothing is yet known about the content. Previously there were rumors of a satirical show with comedians.

In the meantime, 60-year-old Matthijs fills his days with writing and will soon become a grandfather too. He doesn’t watch much TV anymore. “I still watch TV now and then, but certainly not like in the time of DWDD. Then I didn’t want to miss anything. Everything could be a subject. In any case, I had to know what Pietje or Marieke had said. And of course I no longer have that at all. “

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk stopped at the end of March after 15 years The world moves on.


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