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The steering group is made up of members from the Ministry of Health, the Federal Chancellery, the Ministry of Defense, Federal Procurement, pharmaceutical wholesalers and the Red Cross. The current status of procurement, the current figures and delivery quantities are discussed at each meeting. Current topics such as vaccination progress in the countries, the recommendations of the National Vaccination Committee or news about upcoming EMA decisions are also discussed. In addition to the federal steering group, there is an ongoing joint exchange with the vaccination coordinators of the federal states.

Division of labor between the federal government and the states

Anschober: “It’s about quickly analyzing reports from the various vaccination areas, such as procurement, logistics and implementation, and taking the necessary steps from them during the meeting.” He referred to the division of labor between the federal government and the federal states: the former takes care of procurement, the vaccination plan, the e-shop, logistics and delivery, while the federal states take care of the organizational implementation on site. “This week is particularly important because for the first time really large quantities of vaccines are arriving in Austria and the federal states will be challenged.”

The aim is to inoculate the quantities supplied as quickly as possible. “I am very happy that there is currently a positive mood and that the willingness to vaccinate has increased enormously and will continue to increase. This way we will achieve our common goal of a high vaccination rate. During the summer everyone in Austria will have the opportunity to vaccinate to let “, emphasized the head of department.


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