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Corona vaccination plan: Bundeswehr to deliver vaccine to 60 locations

The vaccine is also to be transported to locations by the Bundeswehr (symbol photo)

picture alliance / Moritz Frankenberg / dpa

In the fight against the corona pandemic, important decisions will be made next week.

According to information from, there is expected to be a meeting on November 13th between Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) of the federal states, at which details will be discussed on how the population should be provided with a possible vaccine.

The first details have already emerged from an internal paper that the federal and state governments are currently working on in this context and that has made available: The Bundeswehr – or, alternatively, the manufacturers – is expected to deliver the approved vaccine to up to 60 locations across Germany .

Locations should be fixed on November 10th

Which locations these are is so far secret. According to the paper, the locations should be communicated to the federal government in a binding manner no later than November 10th. Warehouses, for example on exhibition grounds, are conceivable. The vaccine must then be stored at temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees during transport and at the locations. It is still unclear whether the means will also be guarded by the Bundeswehr or private security services.

The vaccines will then presumably be administered to the population in vaccination centers that the federal states are responsible for setting up. People get appointments through the KVen appointment service points, and appropriate IT solutions are currently being developed. In addition, mobile vaccination teams have also been planned so far. In principle, the following applies: The federal government procures and pays for the vaccine, the federal states take care of storage and vaccination themselves.

But who will actually get the approved vaccine first? First of all, so-called “vulnerable population groups” and then “vulnerable and exposed groups” should be vaccinated. A precise definition of the groups is established by the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute, the Ethics Council and the National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina.


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