Corona vaccination: This vaccination date calculator tells you when it’s your turn

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Many Germans are waiting for their vaccination against the corona virus. While the willingness to do this increases, patience is required: It will take months for the majority of Germans to receive the vaccination. Not only the production of the vaccine takes time, but also the logistics.

But can you roughly calculate when each of us will be vaccinated? A digital vaccination appointment calculator promises exactly that. Two graduates developed the digital tool for the company Omni Calculator. Their idea: Anyone who wants can have an individual calculation of when they will receive their vaccination – and how many people are due beforehand. The tool is available for different countries.

When will I be vaccinated? The vaccination appointment calculator in a self-experiment

That makes me curious, but also skeptical. I expect a long wait anyway. Without any prior knowledge, I would bet on 2022. Does the vaccination appointment calculator see it the same way? He calculates primarily on the basis of the indicators for corona risk factors: age, previous illnesses, occupation, contacts to endangered age groups.

I go to the calculator and enter my age. Then a yes or no answer to the parameters asked: Do I have precarious working or living conditions, such as seasonal work? A job as a teacher or educator? In the critical infrastructure? Do I live in shared accommodation? In case of doubt, a mouseover shows the respective definition.

The result shows a time span: when at the earliest and when the vaccination takes place at the latest

When everything has been answered, the German corona vaccination plan is displayed to me (670,000 vaccination doses distributed per week), plus the actual vaccination rate (539,337 people vaccinated in the last seven days). Below I find my individual result: “With a vaccination rate of 539,337 per week and a vaccination readiness of 54 percent, you can expect to receive your first vaccination dose from 25.9.2021 to 28.5.2022.” And: 19 to 37.8 million people will receive their Covid vaccination before me.

That confirms my expectations. The more sobering thing is that it would take 5.2 years today for every adult German to be vaccinated – assuming a 100 percent willingness to vaccinate. It’s unrealistic. If 650,000 vaccine doses were given out every week, as the federal government actually wanted, most would be vaccinated after a good four years. They are dynamic values. Those interested in vaccinations should therefore have their calculations checked more often – or take a look at the federal government’s vaccination dashboard.

I’m interested in the people behind the corona vaccination date calculator. There are two young scientists from Warsaw and Pisa, Bogna Szyk, 26, civil engineer, and Philip Maus, 27, bionics engineer. “We work with the Omni Calculator team from Krakow on various calculation tools,” says Bogna Szyk.

The idea for the vaccination appointment calculator originally came from her colleague, the British physicist Steven Wooding. “He had brought out a vaccination appointment calculator for the UK. It met with huge interest. We then developed it for Germany. People should have realistic expectations of the timing of the Covid-19 vaccination. “

Bogna Szyk started working on the vaccination appointment calculator shortly before Christmas 2020. Philip Maus joined in January. They released the tool on January 11th. “There are updates every working day,” says Bogna Szyk. Then they adjust the database of the vaccination date calculator: with the latest vaccination rates from the Robert Koch Institute, the number of vaccination doses and the fees for vaccination readiness from infratest dimap.

Philip Maus, Omni Calculator

What else do digital computers from the startup Omni Calculator calculate

It won’t be boring: The scientists from the startup Omni Calculator from Krakow also provide digital computers for further corona calculations. They reveal how quickly vaccine production is progressing or when light can be expected at the end of the quarantine tunnel (the tool has the beautiful name “Quarantine Silver Lining”).

Mateusz Mucha, founder of Omni Calculator, has a weakness for numbers and precise calculations. “That is why we have developed over 1,500 computers to date that calculate a wide variety of things within a few seconds,” says the Warsaw native. “The idea behind it is to equip every user with a kind of superpower.”

The computers can be used to calculate, for example, New Year’s resolutions, various dependencies, calorie consumption, but also the collision of black holes, the discovery of exoplanets or the sustainability of e-book readers. The calculator for it comes from Bogna Szyk – she reads with passion.

Bogna Szyk, Omni Calculator


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