Corona virus: Federal government eases border controls – for now

Police officers at a border crossing with France (photo from March).

Police officers at a border crossing with France (photo from March).

Reuters / Ralph Orlowski / File Photo

The temporary border controls are gradually being reduced.

However, there can still be several weeks in the country before a full return to normal.

The following also applies: If the number of new infections among neighbors increases, the rules become stricter again.

The checks at the German border are to be gradually relaxed from this Saturday. Crossing the border from Luxembourg in particular will be made easier, the German press agency learned on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting in Berlin.

According to the information provided, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is only aiming for a complete end to the controls introduced at all border sections due to the corona pandemic by June 15.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) had discussed the details of a gradual return from stationary controls to normal border surveillance in the 30-kilometer range with his counterparts in the neighboring countries and with the prime ministers of the border federal states.

All border crossings are opened again

Controls at the borders with Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Switzerland were introduced on March 16 to curb infection in Germany. Since then, only those who can give a “valid reason” for it – such as commuters, members of the medical profession or EU citizens who are on their way to their home country – can enter the country.

The care of relatives and other family reasons could also be asserted in part. Further facilities are now provided here. In addition, according to dpa information, all border crossings should be allowed to be used again. In recent weeks, only a few major traffic routes have been opened for crossing the border. Read Too

Summer vacation possible: Austria opens border with Germany on June 15th

EU Commission publishes plan for internal borders

This Wednesday, the EU Commission also wanted to present a plan for the cautious opening of internal borders in Europe. According to a draft from dpa, the controls are to be gradually phased out across Europe.

A worldwide travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office currently applies until June 14. According to this, Germans should generally refrain from vacationing abroad – also because a return trip can be very difficult due to new Corona measures.

Closing borders in Europe again costs Germany up to 235 billion euros


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