Corona-Warn-App 2.19 now available – that’s changing

The Corona-Warn-App 2.19 will be delivered to the users. Here’s what improvement is now on board.

Version 2.19 of the Corona-Warn-App (CWA) was released on Wednesday and this time the app received a rather small update with an improvement. The new version for iOS is already available here in the Apple App Store, and the Android version should follow here in the Google Play Store shortly.

With CWA 2.19, the assignment of certificates to people is improved, as the responsible project team from the Robert Koch Institute, Deutsche Telekom and SAP reports.

The change enables a “more error-tolerant assignment” of certificates to people. Minor differences in first and last names are now ignored and name suffixes (e.g. “Dr.”) are filtered out. This means that the certificates can still be assigned to the same person. Up until now, the rule was that only certificates could be added to the CWA where the first and last names were exactly the same. This caused problems if, for example, a second name was specified for one certificate but not for another. Previously, the people affected had to have a new certificate issued in a pharmacy in order to solve the problem.

The developers say:

“With the update, this is no longer necessary, since the CWA can now break down the first and last name into its components when comparing two certificates. This allows it to recognize that

  1. First and last names either match exactly or at least one first name and at least one last name match and

  2. dates of birth match exactly.”

However, it is expressly pointed out that an important obligation is still valid: the dates of birth in the certificates must match exactly.

When the Corona-Warn-App 2.19 is started, users are informed if something has changed in the grouping of their certificates.

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