Corona-Warn-App 2.24 is here: Important innovation for certificates

The Corona-Warn-App 2.24 has been released. It brings an important innovation for the certificates.

The Corona-Warn-App (CWA) has been released in version 2.24. With CWA 2.24 you can now save all certificates available in the app in one step in a common PDF document. Previously it was only possible to save each certificate in a separate PDF.

According to the developers, however, certificates that are blocked and test certificates that are older than three days are excluded. The app makers want to avoid the PDF document becoming too large. Because users who, for whatever reason, have corona tests carried out regularly, now have a large number of test certificates, which would then all be included in the PDF. But then there would also be test certificates in the PDF that are no longer relevant at all.

How to create the PDF with all certificates

In the Certificates section, tap the Export arrow in the upper-right corner. Then tap on “Next”. The PDF document is created and you can then print it out or save it on your smartphone or import it into other apps.

Those responsible for the app point out that this PDF document should not be published or sent by email due to the confidential data it contains.

The update is being rolled out as always with the CWA:

It should be available to all users within 48 hours. As always, iOS users can also download the new version directly from the App Store. As usual, Android users will have to wait to get the update because they cannot download it manually.

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