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The Corona-Warn-App 2.19.2 will be delivered to the users. Find out more about the new version here.

The Corona-Warn-App 2.19.2 will be delivered to Android users with immediate effect. The new version is available in the Google Play Store here. Under iOS, the version number of the Corona-Warn-App increases from 2.19 to 2.19.1 (available here in the Apple App Store).

Corona warning app 2.19.2 is available

When launching the new version for the first time, users are greeted with a “What’s New” screen (see screenshot above). However, the innovations listed there refer to the innovations that had already been introduced with the Corona-Warn-App 2.19. The new Corona-Warn-App 2.19.2, like the Corona-Warn-App 2.19.1 (it was released earlier this week, i.e. a few days before), only contains bug fixes.

In short, the developers say about Corona-Warn-App 2.19.2: “With this update we fix errors.”

What has changed with the Corona-Warn-App 2.19

With the Corona-Warn-App 2.19, the assignment of certificates to people has been made more error-tolerant by ignoring minor differences in the spelling of first and last names. In addition, the changes to the specifications for EU vaccination certificates for booster vaccinations have been taken into account. If certificates with the old specifications are stored in the Corona-Warn-App, you can request a new certificate directly in the app.

You can read more detailed information about the Corona-Warn-App 2.19 in this message: Corona-Warn-App 2.19 available – these are the new features.

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