Corona warning app 2.20 available: This is new

The Corona-Warn-App 2.20 will be delivered to the users. With many improvements in function and operation, but also with an important new language version. Android users have a lot to look forward to.

The Corona-Warn-App (CWA) is available in version 2.20. The main innovations at a glance.

CWA in Ukrainian

First of all, a reaction to the Ukraine war caused by Russia: The project team translated the CWA completely into Ukrainian. You can download this version from the Ukrainian App/Play Store.

Increased risk indicator

The increased risk indicator (red tile) has been shortened from 14 to 10 days. This corresponds to the current quarantine requirements. A red tile will automatically turn green again on the 11th day after the last risk encounter.

Adjustment of the risk display after a positive test result

The risk display after a positive test result is now adjusted. If users have registered a positive test in the CWA, they will now be shown the red tile in the event of an increased risk encounter, as those responsible explain. After seven days, the tile will always be displayed again, regardless of whether there is an increased risk or not. Additionally, the CWA now notifies users if the date of the last high-risk encounter on the red tile has changed.

Certificates of Recovery

In the future, validity dates will no longer be displayed for convalescent certificates because the validity of the certificates depends on local rules. Instead, the date of the first positive test on which the certificate is based is now displayed.

Reissue vaccination certificates directly from the app

Since March 29, 2022, users have also been able to have vaccination certificates reissued directly via the app. Some CWA users will find the note “Update Certificate” under their booster certificate. However, this does not mean that the certificate has expired, it is because the EU has changed the requirements for vaccination certificates for booster vaccinations. This means that certificates that do not meet the current requirements are still valid, but may not be recognized during an inspection. The changes primarily affect users

who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or a post-recovery vaccine.

The CWA automatically detects whether there are certificates that need to be exchanged and informs the relevant users. They can then voluntarily and free of charge request a new vaccination certificate directly via the CWA by tapping on the “Update certificate” notice under the affected certificate. The RKI then issues the updated certificate and sends it back to the CWA. Users can find the updated certificate in the Certificates tab.

user interface

There is also a change in the user interface. Users can no longer tap the alerts in the contact diary, only the date. As before, the people and places that were entered there by the users but are not necessarily related to the warning are displayed below this.

In the certificate area, the QR code for the currently used certificate has been removed from the details screen. The QR code is now on the certificate overview.

Android 13

The CWA has also been made compatible with Android 13, which is scheduled to be released in autumn 2022.

Android 13: These are the new features

Android 13: These smartphones will receive the update

How to get the Corona-Warn-App 2.20

The Corona-Warn-App 2.20 will be rolled out to all Android users over the next 48 hours. iOS users can manually download the current app version immediately from the Apple store.

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