Corona winter timetable: CDU countries against firecrackers ban on New Year’s Eve

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The CDU-led countries do not want to change much in the decision recommendation of the chairman of the conference of ministerial presidents, Michael Müller (SPD) – but on one point the positions are obviously clearly different.

According to a paper from the Union-led countries (so-called B-countries), which exchanged the recommendations for decisions on Sunday evening over the phone and that is available, the CDU Prime Minister rejects a firing ban on New Year’s Eve. Literally it says in the document (“Punktation B-side”): “No prohibition of the sale and the carrying of pyrotechnics – only recommendation and appeal. But prohibition of fireworks in busy places. “

In contrast, Müller’s proposal states that the sale, purchase and ignition of fireworks should be prohibited at the turn of the year. Literally: “This should relieve both emergency services such as the police and fire brigade as well as the health system and avoid larger gatherings of people.”

It is unclear whether the CDU countries will prevail. On Monday lunchtime, the heads of the state and senate chancelleries of all countries will first discuss a common position, and a telephone conference between the prime ministers is planned for the evening. No later than Tuesday morning, a paper should be sent to the Chancellery that all countries will support.

CDU countries support all the essential proposals of the SPD side

Otherwise, the heads of government agree to the proposals: They are also in favor of an extension of the lockdown until December 20, as well as tougher contact restrictions, according to which family members and friends are only allowed to meet a maximum of five.

In the case of schools, it is said that daycare centers and schools should generally remain open. However, there should be a basic mask requirement “in front of and on the school premises of all schools and in classroom instruction of all types of schools”. Exceptions for teaching in primary schools should be possible.

The CDU countries also support regulations according to which the regions in which the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has fallen below 50 in the last seven days can already carry out initial relaxation of the regulations (“opt-out”). They also propose to discuss a continuation of the lockdown on December 15th.


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