CoronaMelder has already been downloaded almost 800,000 times

The Coronamelder app, which should warn people who have been in the vicinity of an infected person, cannot yet be used everywhere. The app is currently being tested first by the GGDs in the regions of Twente, Drenthe, IJsselland, North and East Gelderland and Gelderland South.

The app should start working nationwide on 1 September. But because the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) criticized the safeguards for privacy, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) has made a temporary law for the CoronaMelder.

Urgent law handled on Friday

The cabinet will discuss the bill on Friday, the minister writes to the Lower House. After the debate, he asks the House to deal with the bill “with the greatest urgency, preferably within the next week”.

The House of Representatives is still in recess until September 1. In recent weeks, MPs have interrupted their holiday to debate in parliament about corona, health care salaries and the benefits affair at Finance. The emergency act can also partly be dealt with in writing.


The Coronamelder app can be installed via the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store for iPhones.

The app works via bluetooth and warns people who have been in the vicinity of someone who has tested positive for the corona virus for 15 minutes or more in the previous fourteen days. The app thus supports the source and contact research of the GGD. The makers of the Coronamelder expect that the app will lead to a short-lived peak at the test streets of the GGD.

How does the app work?

Every time your phone is near another phone with the corona app, both phones exchange a unique, random code. This code is stored on both phones. The app keeps a list of all those exchanged codes, each of which represents a contact moment. That list is only on your phone.

Since the codes are random, you cannot find out who belongs to which code. If someone becomes infected, they can send their list of codes to a central server. The list is then forwarded to anyone with the app. The app then checks whether there is a code on your list that is also on the list of the infected patient. If so, you have been in contact and you will see a warning.


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