Coronavirus: 29 new admissions, trends continue to decline

The National Crisis Center has published the new figures for the corona crisis in our country. This shows that the downward trend of recent weeks continues.

The number of infections, deaths and hospital admissions as a result of the coronavirus continues to decrease. This is evident from the new figures published by the National Crisis Center.

Lowest number of infections since March

In the past 24 hours, 23 people have died in our country from the effects of the coronavirus, 8 of whom died in residential care centers. 125 new infections were reported. That is again a lot less than yesterday, when 212 new infections were reported.

It has been half a year since the number of new infections was less than 200. That is surprising because nowadays much more is being tested than then. In total, 9,453 people have now died in our country from the effects of the corona virus. Including 3,784 suspected cases. The total number of infections in our country is currently 58,186.

Hospital occupancy continues to fall

In the past 24 hours, 29 people were also hospitalized. But a lot of people were also released from the hospital, so that the total number of hospital beds taken up is now 890. That is 47 fewer than yesterday.

14 beds were also released on intensive care. There are still 173 beds occupied by corona patients. By comparison, at the height of the corona crisis, nearly 6,000 people were hospitalized, more than 1,000 of whom were on intensive care.


The new center of gravity of the virus is now in South America. Brazil has been particularly hard hit by the virus. The country is now the country with the second largest number, with 468,338 infections. The United States still has the highest number of infections in the world at 1,783,132.

Worldwide, 5,919,364 people have now become infected with the virus that first appeared in China in December last year. The death toll, meanwhile, stands at 364,459.


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